Tale of the Crack Fox

Crack Fox Quotes

  • CrackFox: Move my galoshes and take a seat.
  • Vince: They aren't really galoshes are they, they're johnnies!
  • CrackFox: They're mah' squishy boots

  • CrackFox: Vincey-Princey! I did a rhyme...you should have a goblet of wine!
  • Vince: It's not really a goblet is it, more of a tennis ball cut in half. What is this, Vimto?
  • CrackFox: It's blood from a cats face.

  • CrackFox: Yeah, that's not the film I meant to show - that's the night time film for me in the night time, for the fuzzy tingle time.

  • CrackFox: Bludgeon my face in, kill me, pull me apart like soft bread, punch me in the ... tits. Twist my head clean off, put me to sleep with your kind boots, Mr. Fancy Man!